Calabria Oli

CalabriaOli is a program of information and promotion of 'Organic Calabrian extra virgin olive oil that wants to convey the unit value of a typical production and covers all segments of quality, business dimensions, vocations of landscape and land. In this respect the exploitation of 'Organic Oil Calabrese is understood as a whole, as a unit that must include the cooperation between economic of the entire area.

CalabriaOli is promoted by Olivicola Cosentina that, with its daily support activities to farms and oil in particular, wants to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between stakeholders for the development of relations between companies and closer interaction between companies and consumers overcoming prejudice and lack of information about the origin, territoriality and technologies used in a quality production, the organic extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, which is tasty, natural and suitable to a healthy diet.

The goal is to propose a real geographical rediscovery of taste savouring the Calabrian Organic oil from our producers that represents a unique heritage of history, traditions, landscapes and work, integrating the areas of the province of Cosenza and the Calabria oil production through:

CalabriaOli includes a series of initiatives and information disclosure:

WORKSHOP: comparative institutional events aimed at the growth and visibility of Oil Bio from Calabria

EXPO:informative interventions dedicated to the methodologies of the Bio supply chain, management and services aimed at companies.

PROMOTION: shared multimedia informations to enhance the quality and and the uniqueness of a territorial product of excellence.