Cosmetic and Pharmacy

Since Always, oil has been considered as a rich food and as precious ally of human health; in ancient times, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans sprinkled on the hair, to make them shiny and soft, and athletes used it to massage and rub. and in recent years, the use of oil as a beauty product has been more and more frequently, in parallel to the revaluation of medical therapeutic properties of extra virgin olive oil.

With wraps, masks, lotions, teas olive oil from 'King' of condiments and allied health becomes an excellent natural cosmetic.

Rich in precious substances such as squalene, phytosterols and tocopherols Calabrian Organic extra virgin olive oil has a soothing and protective function for the skin. The soaps, bath foam and cleaning products made from olive oil in general have a moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory effect and are therefore recommended in case of dry or sensitive skin, irritant dermatitis and allergic contact and for cleansing the skin of babies.

In pharmacy becomes part of liniments, salves and ointments.

For the body there are also creams, wraps, masks and emulsions after-bath, facial creams and masks nourishing and moisturizing, very effective against wrinkles.

Olive oil nourishes and strengthens the keratin of the nails; is useful for the beauty and health of hair, nourishes and softens them, regenerates the hair fiber, creates a sheath that protects them from smog and atmospheric agents; useful against weakness and hair loss, because it manages to deeply nourish the hair bulb making it stronger.

Used during the massage gives a glowing skin, looking relaxed and its penetration capacity is exploited to provide the skin relaxing and invigorating essences.

Since Antiquity, up to today the oil is used in preparations that fill the shelves of perfumeries, beauty-center and pharmacies, but can 'also be the ingredient of preparations Beauty' DIY 'for the face, body and hair.