Calabria Oil

The Calabrian extra virgin organic olive oil CE mark is produced in many parts of the region and combines the aromas and flavors of the territory to the tradition of an ancient culture, offering a tasty product , natural and suitable for different applications in every cuisine.

Our oil, guardian of the traditions of the area, is ideal for an healthy and tasty eating and its organoleptic characteristics (aroma, color, taste) differ depending on the variety, the area of production, harvesting, etc, etc .. .

The ancient origins of the olive spreads on the territory and the handing down of tradition in cultural practices have led to a significant diffusion of olive cultivation in Calabria and has allowed the development of indigenous varieties:

Calabria has a strong degree of rurality, almost unique reality that characterizes this Region, and suggests a strong correlation between land and agricultural production. The characteristic uniqueness and relationship between land and olive oil to the fact that the olive tree is established tradition and spread evenly in the Calabria region is confirmed by the fact that despite the different types of cultivars and the pulverization of the Calabrian companies, in almost all of these there is a plot, however small, for the production of olive, highlighting a visceral connection between the olive tree and the people and Calabria, to the peculiarities of cultural, social, historical, that it represents.